Packaging for all your orders will be as per International Packing Standards. We never ever tried to save cost on wood or other packing materials. We consider that the quality of packing is as important as the quality of product.

Slabs Packing– Slabs’ polished surface is also separated individually by plastic sheets to protect against scratches & they are well & strongly packed in wooden pallets. If you need special packaging please inform us about your demands. You can use your trade mark or brand name If you prefer, please let us know.

Tiles Packing – 10 mm & 12 mm thick modular tiles are first packed in Styrofoam Boxes and are further packed into Wooden Crates. Wooden Crate is fixed and tightened by Iron Strips. Large size tiles (e.g. 60 cm x 30 cm, 60 cm x 40 cm, 60 cm x 60 cm) are directly put into the strong and fresh wooden crates; they are separated individually by plastic sheets to protect against scratches.


We put all six sides thermocol sheet and the plastic sheet to avoid the breakage of corners. Last but not the least our virtual inspection practice provides our family members i.e. our valued customer like you, the digital images of the material before loading as well as with the images of packed container.

Our Strengths

We are a quality driven company. We endeavor to provide high quality products to our clients. We are maintaining our standards of excellence to offer the best to our clients.

From the moment the material is purchased to the time it comes into our factory premises, our team of experts monitor and log each and every step of the process to fulfill our quality promise to our customers.


We possess state-of-the-art-technology backed by a team of highly qualified professionals striving for innovation and quality. We own fully mechanized quarries that manufacture premium quality products. Ably backed by expertise and know how of different quarries of natural stones, we are well equipped to meet the exacting quality standards expected in the international market.


Management Philosophy

The company's management philosophy is to focus on people, with technology as power, with sincerity as the foundation and with supreme respect to clients. The company's value for position allocation is that wise minds hold the supremacy, the capable mind holds the middle, the operating hand holds the bottom, the clever mind stands by as an advisor and the real power keeps veiled.


The company's goal is to serve the public with high quality products, get a market share via scientific and standard marketing strategy, try to be the best in its trade and "the model for modern enterprise management.